Logos Bible App: Separate Note Document for Every Book

One Notes File for All Highlights?!

The highlighting feature of the Logos app on the iPad and mobile devices is a great way to remember passages that you would like to return to for greater study. But I was always frustrated with the fact it would dump them into a single notes file called “Solid Colors.” After reading three or four books, the amount of references in this document became unruly. There had to be a better way.

Resource-specific Note Document

That’s when I found “Document for Highlights” option in the main app settings (find out where this is on your device). By setting this to “Resource-specific Note Document,” each book would end up with it’s own notes file. This was so much more preferable to me as a default action as it’s closer to the workflow of paper books.

You can also set this to “Most Recent Note Document” if you’re collecting passages for a sermon or research project and want to keep notes together.



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