Amazon Smile – Never Forget to Use Again

I really loved the idea of all my Amazon purchases raising money for a charity I select by donating 0.5% of every dollar I spend. Their Amazon Smile program was perfect for someone like me who orders almost everything on Amazon. For anyone who uses Amazon and hasn’t enrolled in this program, just visit and it will ask you what charity wish to have donations be made to.

The problem has been that I often forget to use the special url, which means my purchases don’t generate any income for my favorite charity.

This is where browser extensions become super useful. I have found extensions that will automatically redirect you to even if you only type in Then every purchase will generate income for your chosen charity without you having to think about it every time.

Since I use Safari as my everyday browser, I found an extension called SmileAllDay that performs this automatic redirect. The process has become simpler for installing this extension as it’s now available in the Mac App Store.

I can’t vouch for them but you can also find extensions available for Chrome and Firefox. I couldn’t find one for Microsoft Edge but let me know in the comments if you know of one.

Smile Always for Chrome
Amazon SMILE! for Firefox
SmileAllDay for Safari

Published by samtherobot

Education Systems Manager at Shiloh University. Jeremy has worked in the industry as a video editor, graphic designer, and web developer, all the while fostering his inner geek.

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