Gatsby Powered by

As I’m in the midst of retooling my personal website it may seem that I have devolved into a NoCode blog assembler. This is not the case but instead just the interim step to moving to an exciting new platform. Gatsby can use WordPress as the content manager while using modern technologies for presenting itContinue reading “Gatsby Powered by”

Amazon Smile – Never Forget to Use Again

I really loved the idea of all my Amazon purchases raising money for a charity I select by donating 0.5% of every dollar I spend. Their Amazon Smile program was perfect for someone like me who orders almost everything on Amazon. For anyone who uses Amazon and hasn’t enrolled in this program, just visit reading “Amazon Smile – Never Forget to Use Again”

One Setting that Fixed Apple Airplay with my Airport Extreme

AirPlay is one of my favorite features about owning Apple products. To be able to simply send music from my Macbook or iPhone to my stereo has been the Holy Grail of music playback since I ripped my first CD to MP3s. But at some point through a software update of my Airport Extreme, AppleContinue reading “One Setting that Fixed Apple Airplay with my Airport Extreme”

How to clear Netflix watched list for shows and movies

If you’re anything like me, you have TV shows and movies that you watch over and over. I always found it annoying that once you were through a series and wanted to re-watch that it appeared as though every episode was already watched. Well now you can change that. Clear Viewing Activity By clearing theContinue reading “How to clear Netflix watched list for shows and movies”

Logos Bible App: Separate Note Document for Every Book

One Notes File for All Highlights?! The¬†highlighting feature of the Logos app on the iPad and mobile devices is a great way to remember passages that you would like to return to for greater study. But I was always frustrated with the fact it would dump them into a single notes file called “Solid Colors.”Continue reading “Logos Bible App: Separate Note Document for Every Book”

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